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About the Florida Fossil Hunters

Programs and Goals
The Florida Fossil Hunters meet monthly at the Orlando Science Center to learn more about Florida fossils and share our finds with like minds, coordinate field trips and publish a newsletter.

Enhance the cooperative spirit between amateur and professional paleontologists

Promote Florida paleontology through education

Protect and preserve fossil materials and sites

Identify, interpret, and exhibit fossil material

Field trips throughout Florida - some favorite sites!

Provide Central Florida with an annual Fossil Fair

Establish a prehistorical museum in Central Florida

To bring about a greater understanding of prehistoric Florida, and thus a greater appreciation of Florida's unique environment.

Build Your Own Screen!

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Status of the Peace River depth

Fossil Hunting Permit
If you wish to find vertebrate fossils on Florida State lands, including all navigable rivers, you will first need to obtain a very inexpensive permit!

click here for information on how
to apply for a permit



reveling in the wonder of nature;
possessed of limitless curiosity;
and dedicated to the sharing of knowledge.

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