From the desk of the President…..

Wow, I feel like a kid – summer’s almost over???!!!! Though I couldn’t judge that by the heat and rain. Hope everybody got out and enjoyed the Florida outdoors. Water level in the Peace is still high, but don’t despair, Steve. It’ll come down again. There are still a lot of fossils being found in the creeks of Gainesville and around the Peace as well as the beaches. Please bring your new finds (even if they arrived by mail) to the meeting so we can enjoy them and learn some more.

We had a productive Board Meeting with a lot of ideas shared. Some changes may be coming…. Details on the meeting inside this newsletter. Please check it out. We would like your feedback on some proposed major changes. This is YOUR club.

Most of you are aware that my busy schedule keeps me from a lot of meetings and Steve Sharpe has been filling in for me. Thanks, Steve, my right-hand man. We all need help. It makes the club business and events run more smoothly, for sure. I am appointing Salvatore Sansone as next-in-line, My left hand. These two have demonstrated leadership on many occasions. (Salvatore will also be acting as “club bouncer”)

The club’s Fossil Fair is coming up quick. Other events are on the schedule: Science Night Live at OSC, “National Fossil Day” celebration at the Florida Museum of Natural History along with their opening of the special exhibit “Permian Fossils”, Daytona’s Museum of Art & Science’s “Natural History Day”. There is plenty to enjoy and volunteer for. December’s Fossil Bucks auction will come around again, too.

Save your Fossil Bucks for the auction.
Save your cash for the Fossil Fair.
Be seeing you soon.
Russell Brown, President