From the desk of the President…..

Welcome to all and Happy Diggings. Now that Thanksdigging has come & gone, Merry Digging will be here before you know it. Then Happy New Digging arrives. Wow, a year goes fast. Guess you can tell what’s on my mind.

Peace River is still dropping as is the warmer temps we were enjoying. If you get the chance to go, embrace the opportunity. It would be a good break from the busy holidays.

The December 15th meeting will be our Holiday Party and Fossil Bucks Auction. Bring your hard earned fossil bucks and some yummies to share (cookies, cupcakes, etc.) Dave Dunaway & Ed Metrin will be bringing in a sack full of goodies to bid on. There will also be some small give-a-ways…. everyone will leave happy.

At our board meeting, next year’s schedule will be hammered out, so watch your newsletter, emails, etc.

Thank you
At the close of another year as your President, I’d like to thank you all … officers, friends, family, dealers, members new & old, and all the folks at the Florida Museum of Natural History … for your support. I could not do anything without you. (especially Bonnie for putting up with the President)

Happy Holidays & New Year.
Russell Brown