Fossil ID Sheets by Russell Brown

The ID sheets below are a collection of Fossil ID sheets with artwork created by Russell Brown.  They are available free to print and share with the copyright and signature intact. For educational purposes only. Not for resale.

Click on any of the images below to open a printable pdf version.

Batoid- Rays, Skates, Sawfishes Fossil ID Sheet

Equidae (Horses)
Fossil ID Sheet

Fish (Actinopterygians)
/Bony Fish Fossil ID Sheet

Florida Mammals
Fossil ID Sheet

Mammoth or Mastodon
Fossil Teeth ID Sheet

Fossil Sharks of Florida
Shark Teeth ID Sheet

Yankeetown Echinoids
Sanddollars Fossil ID Sheet

Tiger Sharks
Shark Teeth ID Sheet

Vulcan Mine Finds
Fossil ID Sheet

For additional questions on usage of these papers and drawings,
please contact Russell Brown or Bonnie Cronin for more information at

Where to Find Fossils in Florida?

Common Fossil Haunts
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