From the desk of the President…..

The heat is on – hot weather and hot fossil hunting. NOW is the time to take advantage of the low water levels in the creeks and rivers. The Rainy Season is just around the corner.

For you new members, many fossil hunting areas, like Vulcan & Montbrook, shut down during the hot days of summer. Heat stroke is a real threat so know your limits when you are outside on your fossil quests.

A big THANKS to all you members who reached out & volunteered at all the Earth Day events. Citizen Science Day at the Orlando Science Center last month was a big hit. Thanks to Bonnie, Steve, Michael, Salvatore, Sheila, & Sara and to all that attended. We had OSC guests sorting through gravel to find fossils just like volunteers at the Florida Museum do. Michael Sharpe found an extraordinary fossil in Yankeetown sand/shell mix: the elusive Florida crinoid, H. bassleri. That lucky dog – Salvatore, Mike Murray form Australia, and I have been looking long & hard to find one.

We installed a temporary exhibit at Skeletons, Museum of Osteology down near the Orlando Eye on May 5th, the day of the club’s field trip there. Only a few club members took advantage of the opportunity. The display will be there for a few months. Check it out if you and your family visit the Museum during the “hot days of summer”. There are so many skeletons and interesting programs.

The Prehistoric Party at the Orlando Science Center is coming up… June 23. Please volunteer to help out. Your club needs your support. So if you can, email Bonnie at

Water level in the Peace River is low for now but visibility if only about 10 inches. That hasn’t affected all the cool fossils I’ve been seeing come out of there.

As always, bring what you’ve been finding to the meeting. We love to see them and hear the stories. Don’t have any stories to tell? Well, put down what you’ve been doing and get out there. We all need a little adventure in our lives.

See you later,
Russell Brown, President