From Ye Olde President…..

Its a honor and thank you too all FFH members for giving me another 2 year term as president.

Hello to everyone and Happy New Year. Hope your holidays were joyous. Glad that a lot of members… new and old… came to the FFH Christmas party/auction. Lots of fun with good food and great items for Fossil bucks auction. Dave Dunaway with the assistance of Ed Metrin, will be putting together the items for the next auction.

2023 looks to be full of quest speakers, field trips and club picnics. Also we will have Kids Blast at every meeting.

January’s Kids Fossil Blast will be the fossil shark tooth digs. The fossils the kids find, they get to keep, and learn how to ID the fossils.

January’s Meeting theme will be about Fossil sharks and their fossil teeth. Steve Sharpe and myself will do the presentation. So, I ask all FFH members to participate by bringing in your fossil shark tooth finds.

We have a new activity called Fossil Swap at each meeting. Members can bring in fossils to trade with other members. Good activity to make interaction among the members. I will send a email to all members about February’s theme and possible quest speaker.

Thank you
Salvatore Sansone
FFH President 

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