From Ye Olde President…..

Welcome new members and all you fossil-hunting enthusiasts.

This year, the club will NOT be having a July meeting or picnic. Nor will there be a newsletter. We all have off of “Club duties” to go out and play. Summer is on the way with hotter and hotter days.

Heat stroke is a real threat so know your limits when you are outside on your fossil quests. 

Our guest speaker for August meeting will be Jim Zacharias from the MOSA Museum of Daytona. Topic of presentation is Dragons From Deep Time.

Take a trip back into deep time and learn about the amazing carnivores who terrorized the land ripping and shredding its prey victims with amazing adaptations for hunting. Learn about the amazing Permian predator Dimetrodon, discover the Asian version of the T-Rex, learn about the fast and lurking Mosasaur of the Cretaceous Ocean, the amazing super croc and many more! This presentation comes with hands on fossils to enhance the learning experience.

August theme for Paleontology for Kids is called Dino Eggs extravaganza. Francesca and Laura will have real fossilized Dinosaur eggs and activities for kids.

All members please remember to bring and share your fossil finds at the club meeting. June’s meeting and barbecue at Dave’s house had lots of good food and fun times. The auction had lots of great fossils to bid on and win. I wish more members would participate with club meeting and activities. Its a good way of earning fossil bucks and winning nice fossils. All member’s please give me your ideas and suggestions u would like to see with meeting and activities.

Salvatore Sansone
FFH President


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