From Ye Olde President…..

Hi Everyone.

I hope everyone is being careful and safe with the Coronavirus.

We’re always looking for new members to volunteer and help out us “old folks”. Much of the new tech is way beyond us. Your club is in need of NEW talent to take the club forward. We need FFH members to volunteer with knowledge about social media and online tools to help promote and better manage the FFH club.

February’s field trip to Chris DeLorey Warehouse and store was a great learning experience for FFH members. Chris Delorey and his staff’s were very helpful and educational to all FFH members’ questions. Chris has an amazing collection with items for sale and gave FFH members great deals.

Our guest speaker for the MARCH MEETING will be John McIntosh.
Topic of discussion will be Fossils.

Our guest speaker for APRIL MEETING will be Aiden Rouse.
Topic of discussion will be Melbourne Fossil Beds Dig.

UPDATE: Our April Meeting will take place at the
April 10th Field Trip to Yankeetown at 9:00am

April 10 FFH field trip will be at Yankee Town.

We ask if any members has a boat or canoe to volunteer and help transport members to the Islands for digging. Remember only paid FFH members can participate with FFH field trips due to our insurance requirements. Click here for more information on the Yankeetown Field Trip.

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Friendly reminder to all FFH members.
Masks and social distancing are required at all FFH activities. Please lets keep all activities safe and follow social distancing. Any member not wearing a mask will be asked to wear one or they will have to leave any club activities.

Salvatore Sansone,
FFH President