From Ye Olde President…..

I want to say hi to all FFH members and i hope all is well.

I would like to have all members to bring their new fossil finds to the FFH meeting May 15th. Lets see your fossil finds from the Yankee town fossil digs.

This Saturday I will be at Cranes Roost Park event in Altamonte Springs. I will be representing FFH with my personal fossil exhibits. So i won’t be attending May’s meeting and sorry for any inconvenience. Dave Dunaway said he will run the May’s meeting and will display some of his personal collection at the meeting.

FFH will not have a meeting in the month of July. Working on getting Aiden to talk about fossils for June’s meeting. Also I’m working with Dave Dunaway on a club summer FFH summer picnic at his house. Will send an email with date and time of the annual summer picnic.

FFH Field trip to Yankee town was a success and had lots of good specimens of Echinoids were found. We had 17 members show up some with their kids. Everyone enjoyed the Club fossil picnic with lots of food and cold drinks. FFH will try to setup another Field trip to Yankee Town.

Thank You
Salvatore Sansone
FFH President

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Friendly reminder to all FFH members.
Masks and social distancing are required at all FFH activities. Please lets keep all activities safe and follow social distancing. Any member not wearing a mask will be asked to wear one or they will have to leave any club activities.