From Ye Olde President…..

Hi! to all of the FFH members and I hope everyone is doing well.

I want to apologize to all the members who joined us for the Peace River field trip. I made a mistake with the details of the trip and how many canoes would be available. I thought some one would pickup Mark’s second trailer. Again I apologize and will make it up too all members who participated.

Jim Zacharias will be our quest speaker for May’s FFH meeting. His presentation will be About Giant Ground Sloths. I would like all members to participate by bringing your Sloth Fossils to the meeting.

Please also bring in your Peace River fossils finds for show and tell for May’s meeting.

May’s meeting will have Kids Blast before the meeting at 2pm.

June’s meeting will include the FFH bi-annual Fossil bucks fossil auction.
See page 6 for the Auction list.

Working on setting up a July’s field trip and FFH meeting to visit Chris Delory’s fossil exhibit and Dino Labs.

Happy Mother’s Day! & Happy Father’s Day!

Salvatore Sansone
FFH President

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