From the desk of the President…..

Hello, Everyone.  Hope you’ve managed to avoid all the nasty storms that we’ve had this season. I got hit with one – the house is a mess and the collection is spread everywhere. Yes, Storm Bonnie hit like a Cat. 5 while getting ready for the club’s annual Fossil Fair. Each year I get a little freaked-out as the event nears. Yet after each season, the Fair is a huge success because of you – all you members who help to pull this off each year.

I’m thanking you in advance in case it gets too busy during the Fair. You can find the details of the event inside.

One odd thing about this storm…. when I put the collection back into the collection rooms, somehow there is more than before.

In other news, we had a great time at the National Fossil Day/ Permian Monsters exhibit opening at FLMNH. Go check it out for yourself.

We’ll have a speaker at the Nov. 17th meeting as well as another Kids’ Fossil Blast program.

In December we’ll have the club’s “Fossil Bucks” auction. Dave Dunaway & Ed Metrin have a great selection of auction items. Earn more Bucks by coming to the meetings, events, and volunteering at the Fair.

We’ll be holding the year’s final board meeting after the Fossil Fair. The Board will be planning next year’s events, meetings, etc. If you would like to attend the meeting or become an officer of the club, please let Stormy Bonnie know.

Hope to see you at the Fair!

Russell Brown