From Ye Olde President…

Hope the summer’s heat hasn’t kept you inside. There’s still collecting at the beaches – it’s a great  stress reliever having your mind focused on hunting while the sound of the surf sings to you. Or stand in the Peace and listen to the birds call.

Want to take time to thank those members who have donated their time and energy these last few months, to educate and excite people about fossils and the past: Valerie First, of course, who is at OSC and the Sanford Zoo almost every weekend. Salvatore Sansone, Rus Ahlgrim, Ken Sellers, Dave Dunaway, Ed Metrin, Joyce & Alex Bittle, & Kayla Warner for talking to folks about fossils at events such as OSC’s Prehistoric Party, OSC’s Science Night Live, Daytona Beach’s Natural History Festival, and more.

The Prehistoric Party also included old friends – Jimmy Waldron with a 3D printer making a skeleton, Harley Means from the FL Geological Society, Elaine Howard with her “Passion in the Bones” dinosaur exhibit. There were LOTS of enthusiastic children learning about the past and looking for shark teeth. We had a great time and thank our friends at the Orlando Science Center for hosting this wonderful event.

On October 19th & 20th, the Florida Fossils will have their annual Fossil Fair. Please volunteer and share in the fun, food, friends and fossils… all the best things in life!

See you there.
Russell Brown