From Ye Olde President…..

Hi to all FFH members and hope all is well.

FFH next meeting is at the OSC on Saturday September 24th.

Working on field trips and possibly setting up another Yankee Town dig.

FFH September’s meeting activity will be a Fossil Swap. All members are encouraged to participate and bring in fossils for trading with other members. Its a great way to interact with other members and trade for fossils.

Paleontology Party Science Night Live was a great success and reach out to the public. Talked about FFH and Florida’s Prehistoric past. Special thanks to Salvatore Sansone, Dave Dunaway, Valerie First, and Ed Metrin for their support and outreach to the public.

Paleontology Day weekend at the OSC was lots of fun and outreach with the public. FFH had a shark tooth dig for the kids and parents. A excellent way to interaction with the public and kids. Special Thanks too Salvatore Sansone, Steve and Michael Sharpe, Valerie First and Joyce Bittle.

Hoping to see everyone at the club’s annual Fossil Fair October 22 & 23. I’m sure that like every other year, there will be plenty to see, learn, buy, and eat while volunteering.  We need members to volunteer for setup and help during the show, see information on page 3 for information on where you can help. FFH needs donations for the Auction and grab bags. Its a good way for members to earn fossil bucks.

National Fossil Day is October 12th.
Fossils aren’t just interesting and fun to look at — they’re also proof of the existence of once-living things (like dinosaurs, animals, plants and even DNA remnants). Through these fossils we’re able to learn a lot about life from billions of years ago. We can even take a look at animals and life-forms that are no longer on the planet! These fossils (and the education around them) deserve to be preserved and explored. That’s why we celebrate National Fossil Day annually on the Wednesday of the second full week in October, with this year’s celebration being held on October 12. Show some appreciation for these incredible “time capsules” and the paleontologists who excavate them.

Salvatore Sansone
FFH President


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