From Ye Olde President…

Hello and welcome all FFH Members.
Happy holiday and New Years 2021.

2020 was difficult year with Covid and I’m happy all members are heathy.

It’s time again to renew your membership for 2021.

Also its time for elections of all FFH officers positions in January meeting.

We’re always looking for new members to volunteer and help out us “old folks”. Much of the new tech is way beyond us. Your club is in need of NEW talent to take the club forward.

We had 14 members attend FFH Annual Christmas party. Lots of fun and food and want to thank Dave Dunnaway for hosting the Christmas party at his house. The auction was fun and every member won great auction items. The auction raised 80,000 fossil bucks.

The FFH 2021 OSC schedule is confirmed. FFH will have 10 meeting at the OSC for 2021. See the last page for the full schedule.

Our guest speaker for January meeting will be John McIntosh.
Topic of discussion will be about Fossil Preparation.

February: Dave Dunnaway is scheduling a field trip in February to Chris DeLorey Warehouse and store.  The FFH February meeting will be held at Chris DeLorey’s Warehouse.

FFH President
Salvatore Sansone, FFH President

Friendly reminder to all FFH members.
Masks and social distancing are required at all FFH activities. Please lets keep all activities safe and follow social distancing. Any member not wearing a masked will be asked to wear one or they will have to leave any club activities.

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